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Corporate Housing in Stuttgart

Furnished Apartments near Patch Barracks


Welcome to Stuttgart Furnished Apartments, your home away from home!

We are a private provider of housing space for more that 20 years and offer apartments in Stuttgart, Grafenwoehr, Wiesbaden and Ramstein. 

Our apartments in Stuttgart are extensively renovated and completely newly furnished in August 2021. Each of the 8 fully furnished modern units are equipped with a full kitchen and allow self-sufficiency.   

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Stuttgart Furnished Apartments offers a desirable closeness to Patch Barracks and its main gate.

Stuttgart Furnished Apartments is within walking distance to Schwaben Galerie (Mall), many Restaurants and the beautiful Stadtpark. It’s a great place to spend an afternoon drinking and eating on the restaurant patios. The Stadtpark is a beautiful place to walk and rest! You’ll find a small stream running through it, ducks going for a swim and benches to rest. 

Stuttgart Furnished Apartments is within a convenient distance to Patch Barracks (1,5 km), Panzer Kaserne in Stuttgart Boeblingen (9,7 km), Kelley Barracks (13km) and Robinson Barracks (22,7).